At Locksley Ltd, our clients get the most world-class browser extension services at the most cost-effective pricing. We have many talented programmers and software developers whose forte is building flexible and feature-rich browser extensions. We put every bit of perseverance into building a compact and creative browser extension that manages enormous quantities of data and complex transactions while not compromising on performance. Hence, our browser extension development services leverage state-of-the-art technologies and promise the most quality stuff.

If you are in the market for developing a unique yet robust browser extension at an affordable price point that can handle millions of requests at a time then OneCompass is the one stop shop you've been looking for, get in touch today!

eTab fills your new tabs with amazing animal backgrounds, you can select from a wide range of backgrounds for you to enjoy every time you open a new tab.

This extension is owned by Locksley Ltd we specialise in developing chrome extensions and online advertising.

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